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Información general
Información general
  • Sara graduated in Physics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2017. Then she obtained the Master's degree in meteorology and geophysics imparted in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in 2018. Currently, She works as a researcher at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, in the Signal Theory and Communication area. Her research interests include statistical analysis of geographic, climatic and meteorological data. Complex networks with climatic applications, artificial intelligence, and climate networks for energy efficiency. Applications to renewable energies such as the introduction of improvements in the performance analysis and optimization of the wind resource. Also the introduction of these improvements in the Regional Science, the use of machine learning techniques and evolutionary and optimization algorithms for climate and renewable energy applications. All this within the framework of the URJC-UAH collaboration within the Intelligent Energy Campus.
    She is currently working on the improvement in the construction of complex networks and their application to studies within the climate system, for the study of teleconnections and detection of signs of climate change. She obtained her PhD degree in the Information and Communication Technologies programme in February 2024 from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.
    Likewise, she teaches at the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering, at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid since 2020.

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