José Ramón Saura Lacárcel
Profesor Ayudante Doctor


Facultad de CC. Jurídicas y Sociales


Economía de la Empresa


Comercialización e Investigación de Mercados
  • International Ph.D. in Business Economics at the Rey Juan Carlos University, London South Bank University (LSBU) and Harvard University (RCC). He has more than 6 years of experience in providing consultancy services in Digital Marketing to companies and startups at Google Developer programmes. He is Professor of the Department of Business Economics at the Rey Juan Carlos University, lecturing at the Faculty of Social Science and Law of Madrid. He is specialized in Data Mining, Social Networks, Digital Marketing, Startups, and User-Generated Content Analysis. He has published articles indexed in Web of Sciences (JCR) and Scopus rankings, among others. He has been Reviewer for Journals indexed in Editorials such as Elsevier, Emerald Insights, Wiley, Inderscience or MDPI.  He has made Research Stays at Harvard University, London South Bank University, University of Algarve or NOVA University Lisbon, among others. His Researcher impact factor is h-index is 11 in and he has published articles with an impact factor above 5.000 WOS (JCR).

    Spanish summary

    Doctor en Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas con mención internacional por Harvard University (RCC en Harvard) y London South Bank University (Ehrenberg Bass Institute), trabajo en el ecosistema digital y desarrollo estrategias de Search Marketing, Marketing Digital y Social Media Marketing a nivel Práctico y Técnico.

    Mentor de Marketing en Google Developer y organizador en Google Developers Groups, he trabajado para programas de Google como Google Launchpad Weeks, Google Campus Madrid, Google for Moms, Google Startup School, Campus Presents, Google for Entrepreneurs o Google Startups & Meetup Madrid a nivel nacional e internacional.

    A nivel profesional, he trabajado como consultor de Marketing Digital para empresas como MRM//Mccann, L'Oréal, Weplan, Google Developer o Royal Comunicación, entre otros.

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