Clare Elizabeth Cannon


Facultad de CC. Jurídicas y Sociales


Ciencias de la Educación, Lenguaje, Cultura y Artes, Ciencias Historico-Jurídicas y Humanísticas y Lenguas Modernas


Antropología Social
Información general
Información general
  • Clare Elizabeth Cannon is a researcher in Communication, Aesthetics and Art Theory at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. Her work focuses on how encounters with diversity - whether in real life, or as represented in the arts and media - can become occasions for inclusion, transformation and creativity.

    Her favourite place to research is in the university classroom, where she engages students in peak-learning "flow" activities designed to build connection and foster creativity among diverse students.

    Research Collaboration

    • Clare is a member of the Research Group in Visual Arts and Cultural Studies (GIAVEC) at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

    Teaching Innovation

    • Clare received a 2020 Award for Teaching Excellence with the highest evaluation from students for the hybrid adaptation of her class.
    • Clare is a member of the Group of Teaching Innovation in the Visual Arts (GIDAV) at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

    International Collaboration

    • Clare is a member of the Bridging Differences Community of Practice, a collaboration of international professors and universities lead by UC Berkeley, USA, which shares strategies for building connection among students from diverse backgrounds.

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