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Información general
  • I am a researcher, enjoying two-year National grant to do research at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, finishing in January-2024.

    I have been an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Statistics, belonging to the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, where I have worked since September 2017. 

    I obtained a degree in Technical Eng. in Computer Systems (2005) at the University of Murcia, where I also graduated in Advertising and Public Relations (2008) and Journalism (2011). I obtained a grant from Spanish Education Ministery to study the official Master's Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics applied to Science and Engineering in 2009, after which I enrolled in the Ph.D. in Renewable Energies at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. I began collaborating on research projects during my years as a student and later as a Ph.D. student, culminating with the defense of the doctoral thesis, "Computing tools applied to the analysis of performance and sustainability of photovoltaic systems" in 2013, with a Cum Laude and European doctorate.

    My research has focused on studying the performance of solar photovoltaic technologies, the environmental impact of their latest generation (thin films), and the application of Artificial Intelligence to PV-related data. With this aim, I apply Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, as defined in the ISO 14040 series, and Grammatical Evolution to find models that reflect the specific behavior of Building Integrated Photovoltaic generators. 
    I spent three weeks at Prof. Frederik Krebs's research group (DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Denmark) to study the environmental impacts of the production of Perovskite Solar Cells. I was awarded a postdoctoral grant for Research Talent from the Seneca Foundation from October 2015 until September 2017. I joined Professor Natalie Stingelin's research group in the Department of Materials at Imperial College (London) for two years. Also, I spent 8 months at the Solar Centre of King Abdullah University in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), collaborating with the group of researcher Aram Amassian. 
    Recently, I spent 6 weeks at North Caroline State University, i.e., Organic and Carbon Electronics Laboratories (ORaCEL), where I participated in a study applying LCA to novel perovskite substrate production with Prof. Amassian research group.
    I have participated actively in 16 research projects publicly funded in competitive calls; 3 European, 10 Spanish and 3 regional. I have recently obtained a National Grant as PI (TED2021-132368A-C22) to develop a project entitled "CONTROLANDO LA DINAMICA DE LOS IONES EN VIDRIO Y PLASTICO PARA REDUCIR LA DEGRADACION Y LOS IMPACTOS AMBIENTALES DE MODULOS FOTOVOLTAICOS: ANALISIS DE CICLO DE VIDA".
    I have published 18 research articles, 13 in SCI journals, 9 belonging to the first quartile. I have published one book and two book chapters. I have also participated in 12 national and international conferences, being invited to the E-MRS Spring meeting in 2015. I was awarded the best poster at the same congress, won the prize for the best mentor (SURK - 2018), and was part of the project that won the National Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba 2019. 
    I have published three articles on teaching innovation (in internationally indexed journals) and participated in three conferences on teacher training (as an assistant, speaker, and evaluator). I have supervised 24 End-of-Degree projects. 
    I have also been a reviewer of international and indexed scientific journals and a member of scientific committees.

    I enjoy dancing, swimming and playing the piano.

    Keywords: computer learning techniques, renewable energies, photovoltaic, life cycle assessment.

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Códigos de investigador

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